The Manteca Garden Club would like to invite you to join us in accomplishing our goals and sharing our enthusiasm for gardening.

Our club, which was founded in 1953, is a member of the Pacific Region, of the National Garden Clubs, Inc., and the Valley Lode District of California Garden Clubs, Inc.

Our mission is to further the education of its members and the public in the areas of gardening, horticulture, botany, landscape design, conservation of natural resources, civic beautification, garden therapy and nature environmental studies.

Please feel welcome to attend our meetings or events as a guest, or join our club now by filling out an application.

Flower Of The Month
Flower of the Month

December- Narcissus

The legend of the flower Narcissus: One day, Narcissus was walking close to a cold mountain pool that mirrored his beautiful face. "You are handsome, Narcissus!" he told himself as he bent down to admire his reflection. "There's nobody so handsome in the whole world! I'd love to kiss you." As he leaned closer to kiss his own reflection he fell into the water, and as he could not swim he drowned. But when the God's discovered the most beautiful thing on earth had died, they decided such beauty could not be forgotten. The Gods turned Narcissus into a scented flower which, to this day blossoms in the mountains in spring and which is still called Narcissus.

Narcissus has long narrow leaves and usually white or yellow flowers characterized by a cup shaped or trumpet shaped central crown. The narcissus is commonly known as the "daffodil". The name, narcissus, comes from a Greek word meaning "to numb." It was given this name because if you are enclosed in a small space with the flower, the scent will induce a headache. Both the Greeks and Egyptians related the flower with death. The Egyptians often hung wreaths of narcissus during funerals.

In medieval Europe, it was believed that if a daffodil drooped when you looked at it, it was an omen of death. The Arabians, however, viewed this flower as an aphrodisiac. It is the national flower of Wales because it blooms on March 1st, the feast day of the patron saint of Wales, St. David.

Manteca Garden Club's 2015 Garden Tour

Bravo for Robert & Jean Boroff (Slideshow)
Connie & Larry Harris Home (Slideshow)
Dave & Stella Noll's Nirvana (Slideshow)

Jim & Lynda Braco Relax (Slideshow)
Randy & Karen Pearsall's Plantings (Slideshow)
Gathering in Patio of Jorge & Rosie Gutierrez (Slideshow)

Recent Events (slideshows)

Monthly Meetings.
Eric Invites Us In (Slideshow)
Sequoia School

If you would like to have your house on next years Garden Tour please fill out our tour application.

A great resource for all garden enthusiasts: Master Gardeners of San Joaquin County    

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What's Growing On?
Save the dates!

All Regular meetings are held at the McFall Room in the Manteca Public Library located at 320 W. Center Street. Social gathering at 12:30 PM. General meeting starts around 1:00 PM.

December 7: Field Trip - Tour of Duarte Poinsettia Farm 10:30 AM Carpools at Target 9:30 AM - Lunch & Olive Oil Tasting to Follow

December 14: - Holiday Luncheon - 12:00 PM Chez Shari, Manteca Golf Course - Reservations at November meeting

January 18: Regular Meeting - Water Conservation presented by Peter Rietkerk, So. San Joaquin Water District

January 30: Winter Rose Pruning - Rose Garden at Manteca Senior Citizen Center 9:00AM - 11:00AM. Bring your shears & learn, if you don't know how.

February 9: Hosting Valley Lode District Meeting 9:00 AM, Chez Shari, Manteca Golf Course

February 15: - No Meeting as All are Welcome to Participate in Valley Lode District Meeting

March: Field Trip - Daffodil Hill, Volcano - Date TBD depending on Seasonal Blooms

March 21: Regular Meeting - Topic TBD presented by - Jonas Schambeck, Rainforest Nursery

April 18: Garden Tour Planning Meeting All Members Please Attend to Support our Annual Fundraiser

April 22: Civic Beautification Arbor Day Event Tom Powell, Chair - Details to Follow

May 5: Member Viewing Garden Club Pretour - Details to Follow

May 7: Annual Fundraiser Manteca Garden Club Tour 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM with Raffle to Follow

May 18: Regular Meeting - Edible Gardening presented by Lorina Cajias, Lorina's Edible Garden

June 20: Installation Luncheon 12:00 PM Lorina's Edible Garden, Escalon

If you have any questions please call Paula Elias at (209) 239-5104