The Manteca Garden Club would like to invite you to join us in accomplishing our goals and sharing our enthusiasm for gardening.

Our club, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1953, is a Blue Ribbon Certified member of the Pacific Region of the National Garden Clubs, Inc., and the Valley Lode District of California Garden Clubs, Inc. We also support our community through our membership in the Mayor’s Committee on the Arts, coordination with the City of Manteca in donating various planting projects in public places and the planting and maintenance of the Senior Center Rose Garden.

Blue Star Memorial located at Manteca Library

Our mission is to further the education of its members and the public in the areas of gardening, horticulture, botany, landscape design, conservation of natural resources, civic beautification, garden therapy and nature environmental studies.

President’s Message

Dear Manteca Garden Club Members,

Happy June!  Oh my, it has been warm and those winds dry so much out!  I am keeping my fingers crossed for the winds to stay away!!!!

As our garden season comes to a close, thank you again to all who contributed to a successful garden tour!

We are already planning our May 13, 2023 garden tour.  Reserve the date so you can contribute to the event.

What an interesting May meeting, hearing about hummingbirds by Marcie from the San Joaquin Master Gardeners.  I have two hummers and they fight over the feeder.  Why can’t they just get along?

We are accepting membership dues now for next season.  $25 in dues contributes to our Valley Lode District and California Garden Club Inc dues.  Yes, we are all members of those two organizations! Check them out in FB and the CGCI website.  Membership is always open, however when you pay by our September meeting, you are in our annual club yearbook.  Mail your check to PO Box 23, Manteca, 95336, Manteca Garden Club.  Bev is also accepting dues at our wonderful upcoming luncheon.  We were happy to have two brand new members join us at the meeting.   Welcome to our club, Marylean and Elaine.  

At our June luncheon, we will install Bev and Michele continuing in their board positions!  How lucky are we!  Thank you, ladies.  We sure appreciate you stepping up and supporting our club.  When everyone takes a turn, its easy for all of us!  Thanks to our VPs, Alene and Linda for planning such a unique luncheon!

Thanks to Tom and Marsha S. for selecting such wonderful seniors for our scholarship awards. It was so nice to see Marsha at our meeting.  Thanks to Michele, Larry, Alene and Scott for awarding the scholarships at Lathrop and Calla.  I enjoyed awarding the scholarship to Manteca. Our nonprofit supports education!  

Tom P. and Bev attended a meeting with MUSD to determine how our club can assist the adult school gardens.  Things are still in the planning stage and Tom will keep up posted.  Again, our nonprofit supports education!

As you know, we are a member of the Mayor’s Committee on the Arts.  I attend representing our club, not as president, just because I enjoy meeting other groups just six times a year.  The MMCA was asked to join the MPD Bike Rodeo on June 11th 10a.m. to 1p.m. at the Boys and Girls’ Club.  As part of MMCA, Sandie and I will attend by setting up a table for kids to plant seeds and more.  You are invited to join us! Just show up! 

Our next board meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 15, at Camilla Gardens at 11a.m.  The board meeting is open to past and current board members as well as any member interested in possibly serving on the board. We will conduct our board meeting and also have lunch!  Invitations will go out on email in July.  We hope you will attend.  Board members keep our garden club meeting our nonprofit requirements and are the core of the club!

As I close, I want to thank John from Chez Shari for allowing us to have our club meetings there.  Without John, we wouldn’t have been able to have meetings this past year.  It is wonderful so many visited Uncle Frank’s Café, too. 

Our website is the best source for updates this year!  www.mantecagardenclub.org  Webmaster; Barbara


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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

June – Rose

The rose family (Rosaceae) is made up of more than 100 species of perennial flowering shrubs. Many are cultivated for their beautiful flowers with colors including white, yellow, pink, and red. Most rose species are native to Asia, but some have origins linked to locations in North America, Europe, and Northwest Africa.

The rose has long been a symbol of love, beauty, and affection. And each color rose holds a different meaning. A red rose means ‘I love you’ and is a sign of romance; pink represents happiness and admiration; a white rose symbolizes innocence and purity; orange means desire and excitement; yellow represents cheer and happiness, although some folklore considered it to mean jealousy. A red and white rose paired together has come to symbolize unity.

The Romans viewed roses as a representation of death and rebirth, often planting them at the graves of loved ones.

Source: https://www.almanac.com/june-birth-flowers