The Manteca Garden Club would like to invite you to join us in accomplishing our goals and sharing our enthusiasm for gardening.

Our club, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1953, is a Blue Ribbon Certified member of the Pacific Region of the National Garden Clubs, Inc., and the Valley Lode District of California Garden Clubs, Inc. We also support our community through our membership in the Mayor’s Committee on the Arts, coordination with the City of Manteca in donating various planting projects in public places and the planting and maintenance of the Senior Center Rose Garden.

Blue Star Memorial located at Manteca Library

Our mission is to further the education of its members and the public in the areas of gardening, horticulture, botany, landscape design, conservation of natural resources, civic beautification, garden therapy and nature environmental studies.

President’s Message

Dear Manteca Garden Club Members,

We hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.  Time is just moving along and before we know it, it will be 2021.  We are enjoying these crisp cold mornings and look forward to rain! 

Even though we are not meeting as a club, being part of the garden club is still supporting our community.  During this time, we have many organizations that need support as there has been a decrease in donations and volunteers.  Our club has funds dedicated to schools and kids.  At this time, things have slowed down with the school gardens and your Board has decided to still continue giving to kids.  Our club is donating $300 to Ray’s Hope and $300 to MUSD to support homeless students.  We know you will agree it is a wonderful way for our club to continuing giving!  If you have other giving suggestions, please let a Board Member know!  We still have a solid budget for scholarships and when the city is ready, city beautification.  

Sandie will start gathering items for our St Jude’s gift giving in December.  If you have items to donate please get in touch with Sandie.  Thanks for your leadership Sandie!!

Thanks to all who participated in our website contest! Congratulations again to Donna for winning the random drawing.  Members, remember when purchasing snail bait to make sure to buy a product with iron phosphate and ferric sodium EDTA.  Thanks to Cate for contributing to our website with the monthly garden chore update and to Barbara serving as our website master.  Check out our website!

Our rose teams cared for the rose gardens since April with five-week rotations.  Thanks to all of you who gave your time.  A big thanks to Susan who will watch over the rose garden for us until we meet in January for the big rose pruning.  Susan and Robert will lead that effort.  Please join us on January 23, at 9:30 a.m. at the rose garden for a social distance pruning and a bit of refreshment.  It will be nice to see many of you.  The rose pruning doesn’t take long when we all help.  I will have new rose team sign ups at that time too.  If you can be a team leader, please let me know now!  I’ll get the sign ups ready and members can sign up under you.  We have five teams so a team will trim the roses only every five weeks!!!!  That’s all!!! And it just takes about 30 minutes of your time to keep the roses in all their beauty!  This is a project we must continue for the city!  Our club started this rose garden in the 1980’s!

We are happy about 30 people have signed up for our Christmas lunch.  We know this is a time we must be careful as most of us are seniors.  John sure can use our support too.  Make sure you go by the grill at the golf course any day to grab a burger or wrap.  The golf course is a nice view.

We look forward to the time when we all can be together again. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Happy Holidays to all of you!!! 

Please take care and look forward to seeing you in 2021! 


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December – Narcissus

The legend of the flower Narcissus: One day, Narcissus was walking close to a cold mountain pool that mirrored his beautiful face. “You are handsome, Narcissus!”, he told himself as he bent down to admire his reflection. There’s nobody so handsome in the whole world! I’d love to kiss you.”  As he leaned closer to kiss his own reflection he fell into the water, and as he could not swim, he drowned. But when the Gods discovered the most beautiful thing on earth had died, they decided such beauty could not be forgotten. The Gods turned Narcissus into a scented flower which, to this day, blossoms in the late winter and early spring.

The name, narcissus, comes from a Greek word meaning “to numb”. It was given this name because if you are enclosed in a small space with the flower, the scent will induce a headache.

Both the Greeks and Egyptians related the flower with death. The Egyptians often hung wreaths of narcissus during funerals. In medieval Europe, it was believed that if a daffodil drooped when you looked at it, it was an omen of death. The Arabians, however, viewed this flower as an aphrodisiac. It is the national flower of Wales because it blooms on March 1st, the feast day of the patron saint of Wales, St. David.


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Many gardeners are finding more time to spend in their gardens now that the state-wide quarantine is in effect.  But, while are gardens are beginning to come into their own during this Spring season, we can’t invite anyone over to enjoy the results of all our labor.

Please send whatever you would like to share to mantecagardenclub@yahoo.com  and your entries will be posted on the Members page.  Let’s see that plant or flower that is bursting with color!!