The Manteca Garden Club would like to invite you to join us in accomplishing our goals and sharing our enthusiasm for gardening.

Our club, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1953, is a Blue Ribbon Certified member of the Pacific Region of the National Garden Clubs, Inc., and the Valley Lode District of California Garden Clubs, Inc. We also support our community through our membership in the Mayor’s Committee on the Arts, coordination with the City of Manteca in donating various planting projects in public places and the planting and maintenance of the Senior Center Rose Garden.

Blue Star Memorial located at Manteca Library

Our mission is to further the education of its members and the public in the areas of gardening, horticulture, botany, landscape design, conservation of natural resources, civic beautification, garden therapy and nature environmental studies.

President’s Message

Dear Manteca Garden Club Members,

We are sure looking forward to seeing many of you on June 21, for our outdoor gathering!  It has been way too long not seeing each other.  At the gathering, we are all looking forward to seeing each other, but know we will stay socially distant and many will wear masks even though we are outside.  If someone is wearing a mask, we will respect that and keep our distance!  This is a pleasant, safe and peaceful opportunity to see each other!

As we close this past garden season, I want to be specific and thank the board members for serving.  Without these members raising their hand to hold these board positions, we might not be able to continue as a club.  They are appreciated for their dedication to the Manteca Garden Club. 

Thank you to Pat, as co Vice President,  for her wonderful planning of speakers and our meetings.  We know, we were able to have meetings, but Pat was ready just in case we got the green light!  Pat also was first to raise her hand to support other board members and the club.  Pat has served her term and promises, she is still here to help our club in any way we need her!  Thank you Pat.  It has been a pleasure to work together and fun too.

I thank Gloria for her support to our club as co Vice President.  Gloria too has been ready to plan a field trip on a dime and she was instrumental in planning our holiday drive through lunch.  Gloria too is coordinating our June gathering.  Gloria has served her two year term.  Thank you Gloria for your ongoing dedication to our club.  You have served on the board many times and you can NOT escape US!

How lucky are we that Michele raised her hand to serve as our secretary.  This year we haven’t seen Michele’s minute writing skills, but she has been present at every board meeting, taking notes and ready to help where needed.  This next season, we will see Michele’s fine work and you will start to get emails sent to you after each meeting.  Thank you Michele.  It is so wonderful to have new members step up to join the board. 

Thank you to our treasurer, Beverly.  She is on her second term and boy do we love Bev as treasurer.  Bev has been busy all year with paying our club bills, processing dues, insurance, banking, post office stops and processing our tax paperwork and more.  Bev is awesome and never misses a beat!  She also has backed me up at Valley Lode District meetings, conducted garden club phone business and designed creative raffle succulent baskets and more!  Thank you Bev.  You are a wonderful treasurer for our club. 

And finally for our appointed, by me position, thank you to Pam for serving as our parliamentarian.  At every board meeting, Pam asks good questions so we stay on track to our club objectives and goals, keeping our members always in the fore front.  Thank you for supporting our club, Pam, and me too! 

I can’t go on enough about these five members who are such a great support to me as president.  They make being president easy.  Maybe you can try being president and seeing how great the support is for you!

Thank you to our board!


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June – Rose

June – Rose

One of the earliest flowers know to man, symbolize love magic, hope, passion. The rose represents beauty and perfection. The name rose comes from the Latin word rosa which means red. Nebuchadnezzar used roses to decorate his palace. They were grown for perfume oil in Persia. The Greeks associated roses with the blood of Aphrodite’s beloved Adonis.

Red Roses – I love you
Pink Roses – Elegance, grace, frivolity
Yellow Roses – Friendship, joy
Peach Roses – Desire, excitement
White Roses – Innocence, secrecy


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Many gardeners are finding more time to spend in their gardens now that the state-wide quarantine is in effect.  But, while are gardens are beginning to come into their own during this Spring season, we can’t invite anyone over to enjoy the results of all our labor.

Please send whatever you would like to share to mantecagardenclub@yahoo.com  and your entries will be posted on the Members page.  Let’s see that plant or flower that is bursting with color!!