The Manteca Garden Club would like to invite you to join us in accomplishing our goals and sharing our enthusiasm for gardening.

Our club, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1953, is a Blue Ribbon Certified member of the Pacific Region of the National Garden Clubs, Inc., and the Valley Lode District of California Garden Clubs, Inc. We also support our community through our membership in the Mayor’s Committee on the Arts, coordination with the City of Manteca in donating various planting projects in public places and the planting and maintenance of the Senior Center Rose Garden.

Blue Star Memorial located at Manteca Library

Our mission is to further the education of its members and the public in the areas of gardening, horticulture, botany, landscape design, conservation of natural resources, civic beautification, garden therapy and nature environmental studies.

President’s Message

Dear Manteca Garden Club Members,

Don’t you just love this time of year!  I sure do.  The Senior Center rose garden is blooming, looking like pops of color and our garden tour is complete with a safe and successful end.  Again, a huge thanks to the rose team leads, Linda R, Susan, Tony and Maryann, Bev and Pat along with the rose team members!  Roses are special.

We thank all of the members who contributed to the success of our garden tour.  It takes the entire club to work together to plan and execute a garden tour.  This is our major fundraiser and allows us to continue our nonprofit work with city beautification, school scholarships and school gardens.  We ask that all members support the tour to achieve our goals.  It is also fun to be involved!

Thanks to the members Ellen and Gloria who shared their gardens this year!  Thank you to the chairs for taking the lead on specific duties; Linda S, Kathy S, Beth, Michele and Larry, Cindy, Bev, Jeanette, Donna, Eric, Barbara, Gloria and Pam.  Thank you to the docents!  Our docents were flexible and willing to move to other gardens to fill gaps.  Our docents are the face of the garden club and they did a great job sharing our club brochure, telling guests about our meetings, how to join the club and asking if guests were interested in being in the tour in future years.  Bravo!  A garden tour is one way for our club to meet the public and share our purpose and invite them to join us.  Thank you to the special raffle donations from Eric, Lorna, Gail P, and Ellen.   Thank you to members who purchased tickets to sell or give away or use as the door prize entry or heck, just to support the club.  Thank you for supporting our club with your ticket purchases.  It is our major fundraiser! 

As this year comes to a close, along with it being my last time as president, I want to thank the Board for their contributions.  Alene and Linda S have been outstanding vice presidents making sure we have had excellent speakers, fun and delicious lunches and interesting field trips.   Michele has done an outstanding job as our club secretary producing our accurate club minutes.  Bev is an A+ treasurer.  She has kept us informed and on track to reach our club goals.  We are lucky Bev is serving one more year.  Finally, thanks to Pam for serving as my parliamentarian.  Pam always made sure we followed our bylaws and standing rules.  I also want to thank all of the club chairs.  It is wonderful to have so many contribute to make our club complete.  Thanks to this year’s chairs; Beth, Tom P, Joy, Linda R, Susan M, Barbara, Scott, Pam, Eric, Tom and Marsha S, Anita, Chris S., Cate, Sandie, Bev, and Pat F.  We appreciate your support and focus to the many activities we have in our club.

As you see, thanks go to many members.  Thank you for taking your turn in a leadership role.  When we all take a turn it is easier for all of us.  It’s a great way to have fun, stay active, and support our club.  I am so excited to have a new Board.  I know Michele will be a fantastic president.  I am thankful she is stepping up to take a turn.  I know the Board, chairs and members will give her their full support. Thanks to the upcoming Board, Joy, Kathy L, Chris S., Linda S and Bev.  Its fun to be part of the Board.  I truly have loved it over the last 10 years.  The best times have been when members step up to take leadership roles and help support our club goals.  It is always a rewarding experience.  Thank you for taking a turn when you are asked.  I hope I walked the talk.   Happy gardening and I will see you in September!


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June – Rose

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

June – Rose

The rose family (Rosaceae) is made up of more than 100 species of perennial flowering shrubs. Many are cultivated for their beautiful flowers with colors including white, yellow, pink, and red. Most rose species are native to Asia, but some have origins linked to locations in North America, Europe, and Northwest Africa.

The rose has long been a symbol of love, beauty, and affection. And each color rose holds a different meaning. A red rose means ‘I love you’ and is a sign of romance; pink represents happiness and admiration; a white rose symbolizes innocence and purity; orange means desire and excitement; yellow represents cheer and happiness, although some folklore considered it to mean jealousy. A red and white rose paired together has come to symbolize unity.

The Romans viewed roses as a representation of death and rebirth, often planting them at the graves of loved ones.

Source: https://www.almanac.com/june-birth-flowers