Upcoming Community Events

Manteca Garden Club Monthly Meeting on 

Monday, Jan. 20, 2020

Birds have long gained human attention because they’re always moving around us, are very colorful, and their behavior patterns can be quite fascinating. By using high definition video techniques, we can capture those behavior patterns and begin to understand them, to respect and admire them and to develop a more personal relationship with them.  In this presentation entitled “Avian Delights” we will watch many birds performing in many different ways and we’ll discuss just what they’re doing and why.

Barry Boulton is President and Newsletter Editor of Central Sierra Audubon Society (CSAS), a chapter of the National Audubon Society that covers Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties. His passion is in capturing bird behaviors on video, analyzing and understanding those behaviors, and giving presentations on various topics.  He is also conducting research on the lifestyles of Ospreys.