Dear Manteca Garden Club Members,

I am sorry to bring you this sad news, but I must.   Our Jesse passed away after a battle with cancer. It just was too much for him. He fought a brave battle. Jesse died yesterday, October 6th.  I haven’t talked with Larry as I am sure he is so overwhelmed with the loss of such a partner.  Please keep Larry in your thoughts too. 

 Jesse was a bright light for our club and to me and many of us, a dear friend too.   We first met Jesse just four years ago, when he contacted us through our FB page for the Manteca Garden Club.  He said he wanted to be in the garden tour.  How lucky were we?  We have very few people who come to us directly wanting to be in a garden tour.  We invited him to come to our meeting in September and we were so surprised to see him at the first meeting!  There he was ready to go for the tour!  Jesse became a garden club member then too.

 Jesse embraced the garden tour and his (and Larry’s) home was on the 2017 garden tour, it was our best income year ever!  Jesse loved the TV news coverage that came to his home early one morning.  Many of us were there to watch him being interviewed and we watched the segment on the news that morning too.  It was such fun.  Jesse and Larry  were very generous with ticket sales and donations too.

 Jesse took on the garden tour  Donation Chair for the tour raffle a couple of years ago.  What a job he did!  Every business liked Jesse and donated to our club!

Jesse & Paula Draw Door Prize Ticket

 Jesse always opened up their lovely backyard for our end of year luncheons and was the perfect host.  Oh to sit in the garden! 

I was excited when he raised his hand to be the Garden Tour Chair last year!  I often said to him over the past year, “Come on Jesse, get better, you can’t get out of being the Garden Tour Chair.”  He just laughed at me with that big smile.  

We have such fun memories and things to hold on to with the loss of Jesse. He is already missed.  

Jesse at Work


Quarantine Garden Gallery


June Installation Party

Our Host Jesse

Spring Field Trip

Group Photo at In Season Nursery


2018 Holiday Party

Fall Field Trip

Green Acres Nursery